Usually people go singing when they’re alone and nobody can see their silly-ness. Me, I joined the freaking Church choir so that everybody can see me silly. But they can all just bite me ’cause I’m having fun!


Addicted to Supernatural TV Show

Yes. I admit. I am addicted to this show. I find the actors handsome and I am definitely a fangirl. But it isn’t just about how goof-looking the people are or how awesome the story is. There actually life lessons to be learned…like loving and caring for your family, after all, they are the first people you know in this world.

This is one of the reasons I love this show. Aside from that, this series has comedy, action, horror, suspense, romance, and every other genre that could probably be made (laughs).

Now that makes me sound like some philosophical fangirl!

Sam is cool. Dean is cute. Castiel is just plain socially inept. I just love it!

Infatuation, Obsession, & Love

How do you know if you are infatuated, obsessed, or in love?

I could definitely say that I’ve been infatuated with a lot of people because they were either smart, talented, or good-looking. These are what I like to classify as my “crushes”. Simple and innocent. Easily forgetable…or not.

Some of these crushes have either turned into obsession or love. Either it was eros or familial, it was still love. Those I could count in one hand; specifically 3.

One was back in highschool, and I think of him from time-to-time but it’s just the “I wonder how’s he doing” thoughts. Another was back when I was around 3 or 4 years ago; I still chat with him but it’s already classified was “Bro-zoned”. Sometimes he makes comments that make me think it’s going somewhere but when I rationalize it, were still just friends. Lastly, the one I’m currently confused about because I let him know I liked him but I sort of ran-away. I didn’t communicate with him for months. If I did it was just simple phrases like “That’s cool” and stuff.

Did I mention that I also did something stupid when I was drunk? I called him drunk! That is just wrong! (double face-palm) I sounded like a total idiot!

Hopefully we’ll still be comfortable with each other when…if…I get to see him again.

I’m seriously considering whether I should bash my head into the dry-wall.