Composing: Difficult but Satisfying

I just finished composing my first official song. I haven’t written it down properly but at least I already sort of memorized the lyrics and the melody. Writing it down is the hard part. After all, I kind of suck at notation since it involves a lot of math.

Anyway, the song is titled “Never Go Away”. I’ll give you a snippet of it:

“Fine, would you just wait and see as I fall on my knees?

Fine, why can’t you see these tears are running down my cheeks?

What did I do to make you hate me in such a way?

It might be okay as long as you would never go, away,

and say that you won’t see me anymore”

That’s sort of the chorus I guess. I got my inspiration from The Killers and Simple Plan. Once I write down the score properly, I’ll throw in some of The Corrs and stuff like that. Now, I’m also working on another song and so far I can’t seem to write down the chorus since it’s sort of a love song. I obviously can’t quite accomplish that since I am not in love at the moment. Or at least I haven’t read enough fanfics/books to simulate the feeling.

I am not going to bloody read them Twilight books! (Again – yes, I did read ’em before they got too mainstream)

Oh well. I’ll get inspired soon enough. 


Supernatural: Fact or Fiction

Someone asked me whether I believe in ghosts. I replied that I think there are but I can’t be too sure. I’m what you call an open-minded skeptic.

I probably saw one as a kid but I was around 4 years old so I couldn’t be too sure. It’s one of the reasons why I never liked watching horror films. Reminded me too much of it. I mean, I never saw one again but I still feel ill when I visit historical places like Corregidor. It sucks.Image

When I was there at Corregidor, I felt ill. I’m not sure if it was the heat or the smell while we were at the tunnel. It just gave me an awful feeling. Even without hearing the descriptions by the tour guide, I could feel the dampness of whatever it was. It just gave me the creeps.Image

Summer update: It’s almost over! Noooooo! oh well…

Yes. Summer is almost over. The weather obviously tells it. Aside from that, I am getting cabin-fever if I don’t get out of the house for at least 2 hours!

And here’s the update (in bullet-form with funny/sarcastic side comments)

– Piano/Violin/Voice Practice > This is why I don’t go to summer school. The whole summer is a friggin’ assignment. Not that I don’t enjoy it. It’s just frustrating if you can’t get the pieces right.

– Exercise > I gained flab! Nooo! The only reason that I don’t like gaining weight is because I can’t fit into my sexy jeans!

– Dog walking > I even walk the dogs on all of the streets separately yet I still can’t seem to lose them flabs (Note: I used flabs, not weight, because I just wanna gain back my abs.)

– Random research > unfortunately or fortunately, I still haven’t kicked the habit of random research. It’s good mental exercise. (laughs)

– Dating (online) > Yes. It is fun to make sarcastic/witty comments while not have to worry about a person’s facial expression/body language. And if we do meet, it’s going to be on my friggin’ terms!

And that’s it for the update.

Texts and Calls vs. Social Networks

I’m not really a phone person. Sure, I need them when going out and stuff. But if I’m just in the house and you’re texting me or calling me, I’ll probably not pick-up.  Why? Because I’m usually practicing  piano downstairs and I leave my phone in my room. So it’s not that I’m purposely ignoring your calls & text, I’m just too lazy to go check on my phone. Either that, or I forgot to load-up my phone…again. It’s nothing personal. I’m just being my lazy self.

Besides, there’s Facebook, Email, Twitter, and all those other social networks wherein I have an account. Couldn’t you just leave a message there? I mean, it’s not like you’re gonna drop dead if you don’t call or text me, right? And I’m not that important to be on-call 24/7.

So yes, I apologize to those people who call and text me. It’s nothing personal. I just really use social networks more to communicate.

Singles Encounter Weekend

Yes. I went to one, on the grounds of free food. I know. I’m like a dog that finds food. But hey, at least I can be happy with simple things.

Yes. I have come out content and not sobbing since I already know I’m blessed. Aside from that, I have gained friends.

Bro and I had fun. The accommodations were passable. But still…FOOD!

We did a lot of activities. My favorite one was the skit ’cause I made the sound effects. It was about “Jesus calms the Storm”. We made it into a modern twist. Instead on riding a boat. They rode on a plane. I made awesome effects and they got a taste of my piano plying skills (there was an organ there).

So yeah. I had fun. Was even shocked that Dad and other Bro would come. I was like “Hey Pops! You’re here!” then it turned to “Yay! I’m Daddy’s little princess”. Because I know I am ^^

So not sobbing for me. Just a few tears spilling and sniffles. But I’m awesome like that :))