Singles Encounter Weekend

Yes. I went to one, on the grounds of free food. I know. I’m like a dog that finds food. But hey, at least I can be happy with simple things.

Yes. I have come out content and not sobbing since I already know I’m blessed. Aside from that, I have gained friends.

Bro and I had fun. The accommodations were passable. But still…FOOD!

We did a lot of activities. My favorite one was the skit ’cause I made the sound effects. It was about “Jesus calms the Storm”. We made it into a modern twist. Instead on riding a boat. They rode on a plane. I made awesome effects and they got a taste of my piano plying skills (there was an organ there).

So yeah. I had fun. Was even shocked that Dad and other Bro would come. I was like “Hey Pops! You’re here!” then it turned to “Yay! I’m Daddy’s little princess”. Because I know I am ^^

So not sobbing for me. Just a few tears spilling and sniffles. But I’m awesome like that :))


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