Texts and Calls vs. Social Networks

I’m not really a phone person. Sure, I need them when going out and stuff. But if I’m just in the house and you’re texting me or calling me, I’ll probably not pick-up.  Why? Because I’m usually practicing  piano downstairs and I leave my phone in my room. So it’s not that I’m purposely ignoring your calls & text, I’m just too lazy to go check on my phone. Either that, or I forgot to load-up my phone…again. It’s nothing personal. I’m just being my lazy self.

Besides, there’s Facebook, Email, Twitter, and all those other social networks wherein I have an account. Couldn’t you just leave a message there? I mean, it’s not like you’re gonna drop dead if you don’t call or text me, right? And I’m not that important to be on-call 24/7.

So yes, I apologize to those people who call and text me. It’s nothing personal. I just really use social networks more to communicate.


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