Summer update: It’s almost over! Noooooo! oh well…

Yes. Summer is almost over. The weather obviously tells it. Aside from that, I am getting cabin-fever if I don’t get out of the house for at least 2 hours!

And here’s the update (in bullet-form with funny/sarcastic side comments)

– Piano/Violin/Voice Practice > This is why I don’t go to summer school. The whole summer is a friggin’ assignment. Not that I don’t enjoy it. It’s just frustrating if you can’t get the pieces right.

– Exercise > I gained flab! Nooo! The only reason that I don’t like gaining weight is because I can’t fit into my sexy jeans!

– Dog walking > I even walk the dogs on all of the streets separately yet I still can’t seem to lose them flabs (Note: I used flabs, not weight, because I just wanna gain back my abs.)

– Random research > unfortunately or fortunately, I still haven’t kicked the habit of random research. It’s good mental exercise. (laughs)

– Dating (online) > Yes. It is fun to make sarcastic/witty comments while not have to worry about a person’s facial expression/body language. And if we do meet, it’s going to be on my friggin’ terms!

And that’s it for the update.


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