Composing: Difficult but Satisfying

I just finished composing my first official song. I haven’t written it down properly but at least I already sort of memorized the lyrics and the melody. Writing it down is the hard part. After all, I kind of suck at notation since it involves a lot of math.

Anyway, the song is titled “Never Go Away”. I’ll give you a snippet of it:

“Fine, would you just wait and see as I fall on my knees?

Fine, why can’t you see these tears are running down my cheeks?

What did I do to make you hate me in such a way?

It might be okay as long as you would never go, away,

and say that you won’t see me anymore”

That’s sort of the chorus I guess. I got my inspiration from The Killers and Simple Plan. Once I write down the score properly, I’ll throw in some of The Corrs and stuff like that. Now, I’m also working on another song and so far I can’t seem to write down the chorus since it’s sort of a love song. I obviously can’t quite accomplish that since I am not in love at the moment. Or at least I haven’t read enough fanfics/books to simulate the feeling.

I am not going to bloody read them Twilight books! (Again – yes, I did read ’em before they got too mainstream)

Oh well. I’ll get inspired soon enough. 


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