Father’s Day Specail

He may be silent but he’s always there

He may criticize us but he is fair

He would never compromise his work ethic or integrity

That’s just the way Pops is

And now, his name is Legendary!

He listens to my piano practice plays

He never says it’s good or bad,

he smiles and nods, when it sounds okay

I hope to be better when I play

So that I could take away

the frustrations of his day.

Make him laugh, smile, and be happy

Today and tommorrow,

I wish it would be everyday.

I hope he lives a long good life

Even though there is such strife

But we’d be always there to help

Just an email, call, or text

He doesn’t have to carry it all by himself.

Since I have a Mother’s Day Special, it’s only fair to have a Father’s Day Special as well.

Anyway, we had lunch at Chillis located at Alabang Town Center. The nc


School: Hell disquised as Heaven or the the other way around?

I was really a bit nervous and excited going back to school. New people, new face…Deans and Faculty standing there and staring while I scan my ID at the gate.

I admit. I was a bit scared when I came across that. Talk about freaky.

Anyway, first class was ComArts. An english speaking class with a professor from the national university. You know what I mean. So yes, English-speaking is a must during lessons. And I made the most awesome slip up ever. Well, to me it was awesome. During the “Introduce yourself phase” I said:

“Hi, good morning. My name is Zehry (fullname here)

and I…would love to go clubbing again”

See, the mistake there was announcing it to a room of hormone-charged teenagers that I love to dance…in a club…where people are bumping into each other…a lot. Oh yeah, nice image there.

Oh fudge me, I think I just became the poster girl for BAMF LOL!

Yay inequity and indifference! Because I don’t really care what they think since they’re younger that me and don’t know how much fun it could be!

And it’s not really a bad influence since I’d rather sit in a corner that try to dance in a club wherein I could hardly move. Not fun. Trust me.

I like my space and I don’t like being bumped into when I’m doing my awesome moves!

Aside from that very entertaining moment, I also went back to the old Green & White where I used to study since there was a bazaar. They were selling meme-shirts and cupcakes! CUPCAKES!

So yeah. It was fun, education, and entertaining. Not to mention, wet, since it started raining hard EXACTLY at the time I got off the bus. Not cool.

So good day and thank you for taking time to read this amusing story.

Zombie Apocalypse: Are you prepared?

A friend of mine asked me if a zombie apocalypse ever happened, would I be prepared?

Then I thought to myself: I have 3 arrows for my bow, wooden tonfa from my ROTC days, lots of alcohol/flammable items and a couple of lighters, and a kitchen stocked with knives. Hmm, I think I need more long-ranged items.

Then as an afterthought: Daddy! I know what I want for my birthday! I want a gun! Preferably a sniper rifle or a gun with a silencer like Agent 47’s.

I wonder what Daddy would think? It’ll probably be like this:

Scenario 1:

“Oh baby girl! I am so proud of you! Quick! Get in the car and let’s go find the nearest store that sells guns!”

“But Pops, my birthdays isn’t till August. You wanna get one now?…Okay! I saw a store in MOA that sells a ton of knives but maybe they know where we can buy guns! Yay!”

Scenario 2:

“You don’t need that. Let’s get you a taser or a nightstick instead.”

“But Pops! What if a zombie apocalypse happens?! I need long-ranged items! You don’t want me to get them guts all over me, right? Think of the water I’ll be wasting for taking too much showers!”