Zombie Apocalypse: Are you prepared?

A friend of mine asked me if a zombie apocalypse ever happened, would I be prepared?

Then I thought to myself: I have 3 arrows for my bow, wooden tonfa from my ROTC days, lots of alcohol/flammable items and a couple of lighters, and a kitchen stocked with knives. Hmm, I think I need more long-ranged items.

Then as an afterthought: Daddy! I know what I want for my birthday! I want a gun! Preferably a sniper rifle or a gun with a silencer like Agent 47’s.

I wonder what Daddy would think? It’ll probably be like this:

Scenario 1:

“Oh baby girl! I am so proud of you! Quick! Get in the car and let’s go find the nearest store that sells guns!”

“But Pops, my birthdays isn’t till August. You wanna get one now?…Okay! I saw a store in MOA that sells a ton of knives but maybe they know where we can buy guns! Yay!”

Scenario 2:

“You don’t need that. Let’s get you a taser or a nightstick instead.”

“But Pops! What if a zombie apocalypse happens?! I need long-ranged items! You don’t want me to get them guts all over me, right? Think of the water I’ll be wasting for taking too much showers!”



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