School: Hell disquised as Heaven or the the other way around?

I was really a bit nervous and excited going back to school. New people, new face…Deans and Faculty standing there and staring while I scan my ID at the gate.

I admit. I was a bit scared when I came across that. Talk about freaky.

Anyway, first class was ComArts. An english speaking class with a professor from the national university. You know what I mean. So yes, English-speaking is a must during lessons. And I made the most awesome slip up ever. Well, to me it was awesome. During the “Introduce yourself phase” I said:

“Hi, good morning. My name is Zehry (fullname here)

and I…would love to go clubbing again”

See, the mistake there was announcing it to a room of hormone-charged teenagers that I love to dance…in a club…where people are bumping into each other…a lot. Oh yeah, nice image there.

Oh fudge me, I think I just became the poster girl for BAMF LOL!

Yay inequity and indifference! Because I don’t really care what they think since they’re younger that me and don’t know how much fun it could be!

And it’s not really a bad influence since I’d rather sit in a corner that try to dance in a club wherein I could hardly move. Not fun. Trust me.

I like my space and I don’t like being bumped into when I’m doing my awesome moves!

Aside from that very entertaining moment, I also went back to the old Green & White where I used to study since there was a bazaar. They were selling meme-shirts and cupcakes! CUPCAKES!

So yeah. It was fun, education, and entertaining. Not to mention, wet, since it started raining hard EXACTLY at the time I got off the bus. Not cool.

So good day and thank you for taking time to read this amusing story.


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