Research: A nerdy hobby of mine

I am willing to admit that I am a nerd. I like reading and learning new things. Also, I like doing random research.

Hearing the word “Research” sounds boring. However, adding the word “Random” to it makes it exciting. That’s how I like things to be.

Being a nerd that loves to do research has definitely paid-off. At my former college/course, I was able to get into almost any organization and even get a scholarship if I wanted to. (Of course, I didn’t apply for a scholarship since I know some people that need it more than me.) Plus, it also helped me smoothly transferring to another college of my choosing. After all, who would deny a nerd that could contribute valuable information?

This hobby of mine has obviously helped me a lot of times; the most recent one being yesterday during Voice Class. We were asked a few weeks earlier to research and report on Classical Vocal Music. It was tough but doable. Why was it hard? Because I haven’t done research in this field of study before, at least not in the method I’m used to doing.

After weeks of checking-out books from the library and nights reading and typing up information, my efforts finally bore fruit at noon yesterday when we reported about it.

Trust me when I say that my partner and I were awesome! The amount of slides was just right and informative enough. The additional facts I gave totally impressed the professor since she was known to be a tad bit strict. Also, we were able to fit the whole report in 30 minutes or less, which included the audio materials!

I was even able to give a side story about Mozart saying something like “If the performance would be as awful as the rehearsal, then I would go up to the orchestra, steal the violin from the first chair, and conduct the orchestra myself!”

That would have been funnier if I translated it into modern slang:

“If they’re going to suck that much at the show, then I will get the violin from the dude playing in first chair, and conduct the friggin’ orchestra myself!”

I can so imagine Mozart saying that since our professor told us that he was a bit childlike.

This is why research is a hobby of mine. Some may find it boring and nerdy, but it totally works for me.



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