Dream a little dream of me

I just had to make a poem about this because I’ve been having non-stop dreams that are coming true. It’s a bit creepy and cool at the same time since some of them are about tests. Not the answers, just events before the tests occur.

Whenever I drift-off for the day’s rest

I tend to have dreams,

of the worst and best.

Some are of flowers and sunshine,

of family and friends

While others are of darkness and rains,

of sorrows and pains.

Then there are those rare ones,

the ones that come true

Some are simple things,

like stuff of different hues

Others are quite disturbing,

that I do sometimes rue

Seeing those events unfolding,

when their time is due.

Good or Bad?

These dreams that I’ve had

As long as it ain’t about the world ending,

then there’s no reason to be sad.


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