Life is Unfair

We all know that some people are born luck while some are lucky to be born. It’s not that the world hates these people or anything. It’s just the way life is. So you can either play with the hand dealt to you by Fate or you could fold and lose the chance to get somewhere in life.

There are people who complain about their parents being strict or their little brother or sister being a pain. Sure, in my head I complain as well, but I can never imagine a life without them. After all, there are people who would loved to have three big brothers to protect them from the world. Well, more of tried to protect me but failed miserably yet not entirely. They’re trying but I guess I just grew up too quickly. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Also, there are people who whine about going to school. Yes. I admit. I also whine about going to school but that’s because I’m exhausted and I haven’t gotten a decent night’s rest. So I guess that’s understandable. But what annoys me the most are people who take education for granted. It is a privilege to be able to learn things and have access to information that could move the world – just at the tips of your fingers!

Another point I would like to get across is, try to learn other things not related to your major. I mean, I know my major is music but I also like to learn about art, architecture, science, law, politics, almost everything that makes this world function. In my opinion, if each of us could just learn something more about the person beside us, it would do a lot of good in the long run. It would prevent a lot of misunderstanding that would in turn prevent a lot  of mishaps. It is the so-called “1 random act of kindness” from Bruce Almighty. Yes. It does really work. So just be kind and stop think mean of the person next to you. I’m trying…so nyeh!

So yeah. Life is unfair. Boo-hoo to you. Yours isn’t the only sob story in the world so get out of your comfort zone and stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you look around, you’ll see that your problem is but a mere teardrop in the world’s ocean of problems. So stop whining and do something about it. You can cry all you want but in the end nothing’s going to change if you don’t do it yourself. As the saying goes “If you want something done right then you gotta do it yourself.”


Music: A reaction to recent graduation recital

Music is probably one of the most ancient art forms of communication. It has the capacity to reach within the very depths of the human essence and make them (the person) feel something so strong that mere words cannot capture the totality of its meaning. If it were able to do so, then the mystique of this art form would have turned bland and uninteresting. There is a certain dynamic created by the performer in which he or she becomes sort of conduit to deliver the ideas, emotion, and history of the composer to the audience.

The performer could probably be similar to an electronic book which may sometimes be bought, or acquired without financial transaction. This is similar to cases in which I acquire research materials through the Internet. Obviously, I look hard enough as not to gain undesired expenses yet be able to complete my work in-time for afternoon tea. Like listening to Classical or art music, one must search hard enough to find the most captivating piece and performer, and just focus on how the information of the composer is delivered.

Fortunately for myself, I happen to be privileged enough to be invited to such a concert. A  very special concert in which the piano performs together with an orchestra. Moreover, I happen to personally know the performer and a few members of the orchestra. Also, I was able to record the performance in a very adequate location…third row to the left, along the aisle.

However, the problem with the recital is the date it was scheduled. If it was scheduled during the weekend, I could have probably invited more of my friends and probably even my cousins. And although I may have attended it alone, as in without the company of people close to me aka family, it was one of the most beautiful events in my life. If I were to pick between going on a cruise versus this wonderful performance, I would be willing to give-up the 10 day Asian cruise (Vietnam, Hong Kong, China) on the Royal Caribbean just to watch this. That is saying something.

I have high hopes for this person. I am quite sure the he will be able to reach his dreams and become one of the greatest and most inspiring people who ever lived.

Down the Rabbit Hole My Dear!

Back and forth,
Side to side
You wonder out loud
“I wonder where would they hide?”
After all, all you see was a sea of red
All of those fallen, All of them dead
But you don’t despair
Oh no, you don’t even blink!
After all, you know who did this
Think, dear! Think!
Look at your hands!
Look at mirror!
Well aren’t you quite stained?
Yet, such a calm demeanour
But then your mask breaks
You gave a gleeful smile
The kind of smile that would make people run a mile
Not towards you, obviously
But far, far away from you dear, seriously
After all, you look so murderous
It’s your eyes my dear
They look so horrendous
It makes people like them, quiver in fear
You gave a chuckle
And tossed your head back in wild abandon
“Now why would then run?” you said out loud
“Oh well” you said
“Let’s see how long before they’re found”

A thought on “If the World did come to End?”

I read some post on Facebook that said
“The world was about to come to an End”
It said that I should “Share it” and help save many friends
But of course I doubted and tried shake the thought out of my head
Yet I felt something inside me that tingled in fear
After all, there are many people that I hold dear

So after sharing the post with a tid bit side note from me
A note, about the strange dreams, visions, and ideas I’d see
I pondered out-loud “What if this so-called End did come about?”
Would it be straightforward? Or would it be agonizingly slow?
How would I react in the face of such sorrow?
Will it be with a simple acceptance and a muttered “Oh…”
Or would it be the usual panic with me grabbing my bow and arrow?

I guess I’m quite prepared if the world did come to an End
I’d probably go like “Oh crap”
but I’m sure I’d ready to fight and defend
After all this is my friggin’ home and I won’t just give it up
So tell them other people start confessing and fess-up!

This world may sometimes be dark and scary
But I still remember that there also times
when it was bright and merry
So yeah, I’ll try to be good and live my life
even if I’m faced with all this crappy strife
I’ll give them Choir of Angels an awesome show
I’ll show that humans are amazing
even though we can’t be always in the road that’s straight and narrow.

The Secret of the Special Fallen

AN: I researched a little about angels ’cause I was curious and bored, and I came across a name: Raziel. It means “God’s Secret”. This angel holds the knowledge of everything, as in everything. So I thought (and this is totally finctional), what if before the Fall of Lucifer, as written in the Bible, that Michael (The Archangel) on His command, made Raziel choose to “Fall” so that he could flee with all that knowledge so that it won’t fall into enemy hands, just as a contigency plan? But, Raziel’s was a special kind of Fall. What if his “grace” was stored in a human but it was locked away until the time was right? So this poem was inspired by that thought. Hehe. I’ve been watching too much Supernatural TV Series lately.

Fading to black, from light to dark
Everything looks stark, just like it was Marked
By something Great, by something that controlled Fate
By something that made me Fall, by something that was above all.

But I understood why I have to Fall,
I understood His reasoning above all
I understood that I was His secret to keep
And He understood the consequences I had to reap.

So I gave up my wings; oh how I missed my feathers.
And I gave up the Heavens, and missed Our get-togethers
But it was alright, I was okay.
I knew that this was where I had to stay.

But someday I wish I could go back there
And see the place that was so bright
To find myself forever by His side
To gain my Wings and to take flight.

Life’s a Chess Game

Black and White, Dark or Light

Pick a side, and join the Fight

Which is Wrong, which is Right

yet, You choose to Flee with all your Might.

Or maybe you see a side that’s Gray,

shining brightly like the Star of Day

Or maybe you would choose the Shadows

forever observing the Event that follows.

Whatever you decide, I will confide,

the Wisdom you seek,

for your Decision or Belief.

You may Listen or you may Hear,

this Knowledge I speak, I know you need,

May you not falter, may you not fail,

may you use it to help  you not Derail.

Dreams and Reality

Sometimes I wished it would never end,

these wonderful dreams inside my head.

Where everything is calm and peaceful,

away from the reality which is usually dreadful.

But sometimes we need a little bit of Salt in our life

because living is more interesting if we face a little bit of strife.