Down the Rabbit Hole My Dear!

Back and forth,
Side to side
You wonder out loud
“I wonder where would they hide?”
After all, all you see was a sea of red
All of those fallen, All of them dead
But you don’t despair
Oh no, you don’t even blink!
After all, you know who did this
Think, dear! Think!
Look at your hands!
Look at mirror!
Well aren’t you quite stained?
Yet, such a calm demeanour
But then your mask breaks
You gave a gleeful smile
The kind of smile that would make people run a mile
Not towards you, obviously
But far, far away from you dear, seriously
After all, you look so murderous
It’s your eyes my dear
They look so horrendous
It makes people like them, quiver in fear
You gave a chuckle
And tossed your head back in wild abandon
“Now why would then run?” you said out loud
“Oh well” you said
“Let’s see how long before they’re found”


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