Prey or Predator

Why must there be always 2 sides in a War?

We never know who is on the Right side because the Victors decide how history is to be written. Similar to the Philippines, my beloved country. I both love and loathe this country to the bones. Two extreme emotions can describe what I truly feel for the country in which I was born to. And even though I kept getting labeled as one belonging to either Singapore, Thailand, or China during our vacation, I never get tired of giving them a smile while saying “Sorry. No. I’m actually Filipino”

I just love how much shock paints these people’s faces. I mean, are not Filipino’s common enough? Or have they yet to meet a Fili[pina on vacation and not working?

I mean, must Filipino’s be labeled as either “employed” or “unemployed”?

There is a third option known as “self-employed”

I wish those people would at least start reading a few books. Their inner dictionary needs an upgrade.


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