Dreams and Reality

Sometimes I wished it would never end,

these wonderful dreams inside my head.

Where everything is calm and peaceful,

away from the reality which is usually dreadful.

But sometimes we need a little bit of Salt in our life

because living is more interesting if we face a little bit of strife.



Reality is What You Make of It

When I was 4, I dreamt of being an landscape architect like mom. When I grew older, I took up piano and dreamt of being a musician. A few years later when I was in high school and I got a dog, I dreamt of being veterinarian.

But instead of all pursuing one of dreams, I chose to follow my greed and pride. I went to a university that I knew would give me what I wanted but not what I needed. After trying it out for a few years, I realized that it wasn’t for me. So I left everything; my greed, pride, and even a couple of friends.

It was agonizing not knowing what to do.

A year or so – my mind didn’t quite synchronize with the passage of time – I decided to follow one of my dreams. I tried my hand at being a musician. I must say, it is painful and stressing. However, the music I worked so hard to produce makes every mental and physical and anguish worthwhile.

The best thing about it is that when I concentrate on playing and not think about who’s listening, the world disappears. After that, music morphes reality. It turns my thoughts and emotions into sounds that touches other particles till they hit an immovable object.

Music became me or should I say I became music. Reality blurs after playing a few lines. All I knew is that the elements of music was ingrained in everything that I was doing.

Form became my creed. Melody conveyed my thoughts. Harmony spoke my words. Rhythm ran through my veins. Dynamics displayed my intent. Timbre reflected the twinkle in my eyes. Texture was how I touched people’s lives.

I know it sounds poetic but that is what happens to me. I can’t speak for others.

Creating music: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Deciding to follow my passion as a musician is the best thing that I have ever done. It made me realize that even though I’m that intellectually – left-brain users – I have struck a balance between being analytical and creative. Being able to re-create something beautiful and knowing that it is based on something exact is one of the good things in music.

If music be the food of love, play on. – William Shakespeare

However, everything must be taken with a grain of salt. This quite obvious when reading the actual scores and figuring-out the proper emotions to go with it. Apparently, it is quite a challenge to do so when shifting from different musical periods and composers. One moment I’m playing a Bach piece, after that I’m shifting to one of Haydn’s, then Grieg, and then Satie. You can the difficulty in doing so. Believe me when I tell you that it is comparable to having your hormones pureed then pured over you then expecting yourself to be able to switch from one emotion to another. This isn’t even the worst part.


Of course, being a musician isn’t just about practicing. It also about being able to analyze scores, arranging pieces, and knowing the general history of music. The worst part in my opinion, since I am not gifted with a perfect pitch nor math skills, would be ear-training. In simple terms, I suck at it. I have difficulty knowing which note is being played and how to write it properly. I seriously need to find a method on how to study this. Else, I would see myself failing quite spectacularly. That would be quite ugly.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. – Plato

However, despite all the challenges and pains one must endure, I think it is worth it. After all, if anything in this world could be achieved so easily, I’d probably be bored to tears by it.

Dream a little dream of me

I just had to make a poem about this because I’ve been having non-stop dreams that are coming true. It’s a bit creepy and cool at the same time since some of them are about tests. Not the answers, just events before the tests occur.

Whenever I drift-off for the day’s rest

I tend to have dreams,

of the worst and best.

Some are of flowers and sunshine,

of family and friends

While others are of darkness and rains,

of sorrows and pains.

Then there are those rare ones,

the ones that come true

Some are simple things,

like stuff of different hues

Others are quite disturbing,

that I do sometimes rue

Seeing those events unfolding,

when their time is due.

Good or Bad?

These dreams that I’ve had

As long as it ain’t about the world ending,

then there’s no reason to be sad.

Research: A nerdy hobby of mine

I am willing to admit that I am a nerd. I like reading and learning new things. Also, I like doing random research.

Hearing the word “Research” sounds boring. However, adding the word “Random” to it makes it exciting. That’s how I like things to be.

Being a nerd that loves to do research has definitely paid-off. At my former college/course, I was able to get into almost any organization and even get a scholarship if I wanted to. (Of course, I didn’t apply for a scholarship since I know some people that need it more than me.) Plus, it also helped me smoothly transferring to another college of my choosing. After all, who would deny a nerd that could contribute valuable information?

This hobby of mine has obviously helped me a lot of times; the most recent one being yesterday during Voice Class. We were asked a few weeks earlier to research and report on Classical Vocal Music. It was tough but doable. Why was it hard? Because I haven’t done research in this field of study before, at least not in the method I’m used to doing.

After weeks of checking-out books from the library and nights reading and typing up information, my efforts finally bore fruit at noon yesterday when we reported about it.

Trust me when I say that my partner and I were awesome! The amount of slides was just right and informative enough. The additional facts I gave totally impressed the professor since she was known to be a tad bit strict. Also, we were able to fit the whole report in 30 minutes or less, which included the audio materials!

I was even able to give a side story about Mozart saying something like “If the performance would be as awful as the rehearsal, then I would go up to the orchestra, steal the violin from the first chair, and conduct the orchestra myself!”

That would have been funnier if I translated it into modern slang:

“If they’re going to suck that much at the show, then I will get the violin from the dude playing in first chair, and conduct the friggin’ orchestra myself!”

I can so imagine Mozart saying that since our professor told us that he was a bit childlike.

This is why research is a hobby of mine. Some may find it boring and nerdy, but it totally works for me.


Father’s Day Specail

He may be silent but he’s always there

He may criticize us but he is fair

He would never compromise his work ethic or integrity

That’s just the way Pops is

And now, his name is Legendary!

He listens to my piano practice plays

He never says it’s good or bad,

he smiles and nods, when it sounds okay

I hope to be better when I play

So that I could take away

the frustrations of his day.

Make him laugh, smile, and be happy

Today and tommorrow,

I wish it would be everyday.

I hope he lives a long good life

Even though there is such strife

But we’d be always there to help

Just an email, call, or text

He doesn’t have to carry it all by himself.

Since I have a Mother’s Day Special, it’s only fair to have a Father’s Day Special as well.

Anyway, we had lunch at Chillis located at Alabang Town Center. The nc

School: Hell disquised as Heaven or the the other way around?

I was really a bit nervous and excited going back to school. New people, new face…Deans and Faculty standing there and staring while I scan my ID at the gate.

I admit. I was a bit scared when I came across that. Talk about freaky.

Anyway, first class was ComArts. An english speaking class with a professor from the national university. You know what I mean. So yes, English-speaking is a must during lessons. And I made the most awesome slip up ever. Well, to me it was awesome. During the “Introduce yourself phase” I said:

“Hi, good morning. My name is Zehry (fullname here)

and I…would love to go clubbing again”

See, the mistake there was announcing it to a room of hormone-charged teenagers that I love to dance…in a club…where people are bumping into each other…a lot. Oh yeah, nice image there.

Oh fudge me, I think I just became the poster girl for BAMF LOL!

Yay inequity and indifference! Because I don’t really care what they think since they’re younger that me and don’t know how much fun it could be!

And it’s not really a bad influence since I’d rather sit in a corner that try to dance in a club wherein I could hardly move. Not fun. Trust me.

I like my space and I don’t like being bumped into when I’m doing my awesome moves!

Aside from that very entertaining moment, I also went back to the old Green & White where I used to study since there was a bazaar. They were selling meme-shirts and cupcakes! CUPCAKES!

So yeah. It was fun, education, and entertaining. Not to mention, wet, since it started raining hard EXACTLY at the time I got off the bus. Not cool.

So good day and thank you for taking time to read this amusing story.