Music: A reaction to recent graduation recital

Music is probably one of the most ancient art forms of communication. It has the capacity to reach within the very depths of the human essence and make them (the person) feel something so strong that mere words cannot capture the totality of its meaning. If it were able to do so, then the mystique of this art form would have turned bland and uninteresting. There is a certain dynamic created by the performer in which he or she becomes sort of conduit to deliver the ideas, emotion, and history of the composer to the audience.

The performer could probably be similar to an electronic book which may sometimes be bought, or acquired without financial transaction. This is similar to cases in which I acquire research materials through the Internet. Obviously, I look hard enough as not to gain undesired expenses yet be able to complete my work in-time for afternoon tea. Like listening to Classical or art music, one must search hard enough to find the most captivating piece and performer, and just focus on how the information of the composer is delivered.

Fortunately for myself, I happen to be privileged enough to be invited to such a concert. A  very special concert in which the piano performs together with an orchestra. Moreover, I happen to personally know the performer and a few members of the orchestra. Also, I was able to record the performance in a very adequate location…third row to the left, along the aisle.

However, the problem with the recital is the date it was scheduled. If it was scheduled during the weekend, I could have probably invited more of my friends and probably even my cousins. And although I may have attended it alone, as in without the company of people close to me aka family, it was one of the most beautiful events in my life. If I were to pick between going on a cruise versus this wonderful performance, I would be willing to give-up the 10 day Asian cruise (Vietnam, Hong Kong, China) on the Royal Caribbean just to watch this. That is saying something.

I have high hopes for this person. I am quite sure the he will be able to reach his dreams and become one of the greatest and most inspiring people who ever lived.