Life is Unfair

We all know that some people are born luck while some are lucky to be born. It’s not that the world hates these people or anything. It’s just the way life is. So you can either play with the hand dealt to you by Fate or you could fold and lose the chance to get somewhere in life.

There are people who complain about their parents being strict or their little brother or sister being a pain. Sure, in my head I complain as well, but I can never imagine a life without them. After all, there are people who would loved to have three big brothers to protect them from the world. Well, more of tried to protect me but failed miserably yet not entirely. They’re trying but I guess I just grew up too quickly. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Also, there are people who whine about going to school. Yes. I admit. I also whine about going to school but that’s because I’m exhausted and I haven’t gotten a decent night’s rest. So I guess that’s understandable. But what annoys me the most are people who take education for granted. It is a privilege to be able to learn things and have access to information that could move the world – just at the tips of your fingers!

Another point I would like to get across is, try to learn other things not related to your major. I mean, I know my major is music but I also like to learn about art, architecture, science, law, politics, almost everything that makes this world function. In my opinion, if each of us could just learn something more about the person beside us, it would do a lot of good in the long run. It would prevent a lot of misunderstanding that would in turn prevent a lot  of mishaps. It is the so-called “1 random act of kindness” from Bruce Almighty. Yes. It does really work. So just be kind and stop think mean of the person next to you. I’m trying…so nyeh!

So yeah. Life is unfair. Boo-hoo to you. Yours isn’t the only sob story in the world so get out of your comfort zone and stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you look around, you’ll see that your problem is but a mere teardrop in the world’s ocean of problems. So stop whining and do something about it. You can cry all you want but in the end nothing’s going to change if you don’t do it yourself. As the saying goes “If you want something done right then you gotta do it yourself.”