The Secret of the Special Fallen

AN: I researched a little about angels ’cause I was curious and bored, and I came across a name: Raziel. It means “God’s Secret”. This angel holds the knowledge of everything, as in everything. So I thought (and this is totally finctional), what if before the Fall of Lucifer, as written in the Bible, that Michael (The Archangel) on His command, made Raziel choose to “Fall” so that he could flee with all that knowledge so that it won’t fall into enemy hands, just as a contigency plan? But, Raziel’s was a special kind of Fall. What if his “grace” was stored in a human but it was locked away until the time was right? So this poem was inspired by that thought. Hehe. I’ve been watching too much Supernatural TV Series lately.

Fading to black, from light to dark
Everything looks stark, just like it was Marked
By something Great, by something that controlled Fate
By something that made me Fall, by something that was above all.

But I understood why I have to Fall,
I understood His reasoning above all
I understood that I was His secret to keep
And He understood the consequences I had to reap.

So I gave up my wings; oh how I missed my feathers.
And I gave up the Heavens, and missed Our get-togethers
But it was alright, I was okay.
I knew that this was where I had to stay.

But someday I wish I could go back there
And see the place that was so bright
To find myself forever by His side
To gain my Wings and to take flight.