A thought on “If the World did come to End?”

I read some post on Facebook that said
“The world was about to come to an End”
It said that I should “Share it” and help save many friends
But of course I doubted and tried shake the thought out of my head
Yet I felt something inside me that tingled in fear
After all, there are many people that I hold dear

So after sharing the post with a tid bit side note from me
A note, about the strange dreams, visions, and ideas I’d see
I pondered out-loud “What if this so-called End did come about?”
Would it be straightforward? Or would it be agonizingly slow?
How would I react in the face of such sorrow?
Will it be with a simple acceptance and a muttered “Oh…”
Or would it be the usual panic with me grabbing my bow and arrow?

I guess I’m quite prepared if the world did come to an End
I’d probably go like “Oh crap”
but I’m sure I’d ready to fight and defend
After all this is my friggin’ home and I won’t just give it up
So tell them other people start confessing and fess-up!

This world may sometimes be dark and scary
But I still remember that there also times
when it was bright and merry
So yeah, I’ll try to be good and live my life
even if I’m faced with all this crappy strife
I’ll give them Choir of Angels an awesome show
I’ll show that humans are amazing
even though we can’t be always in the road that’s straight and narrow.